First Post

I suppose every new blogger must have a post under this title, as cringy and uninteresting to read as it may be.  There’s not a lot I fancy saying here which could counter that stereotype as I’d rather just get into what I started this blog to do, and that is talk about random sh*t.  I have a slight passion for writing, and I like to share my views of the things I experience, however random they may be.

My name is Rose, at the moment I’m 17 and live in Nottingham, in England.  I suppose I would consider myself an aspiring writer, I’m considering journalism at university next year because it looks super interesting and I’ve done work experience doing reviews and that.  My blog isn’t going to have a theme in particular because I would like to write about whatever I feel like, but I’ll probably post some reviews of albums or gigs, stories from places I’ve been, advice, random opinions that I have and maybe some updates from my life if anyone is interested in that at all.

That’s all I feel I need to say at this stage, you’ll get to know me better as I keep posting, if anyone is even going to read these at all.. (fingers crossed I’ll have some viewers lol)

See y’all later

Rose x

‘when nothing is going right, go left’


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