This Is All Yours

Many of you may have caught some of ‘Hunger Of The Pine’ from various sources recently, such as the promo video for Channel 4’s answer to the demand for more ‘Skins’, new British drama ‘Glue’. ‘Hunger Of The Pine’ is arguably the most widely listened to track on Alt J’s new album since it was the first released song, closely followed by my personal favourite, ‘Left Hand Free’.
Alt J released their first album, ‘An Awesome Wave’, in 2012 and during November and December of that year they quickly became one of my favourite bands. Their music was different to other sounds that I had heard before and I somehow felt emotionally connected to their songs, especially ‘Estocada’ otherwise known as ‘Something Good’ which I still believe is one of my favourite songs now. The anticipation for their second album for me was massive but also massively worth it.
‘This Is All Yours’ is an album I cannot stop listening to, even though it’s on Spotify free which loves to through up a few random songs they think you’ll like here and there. I would describe the album as mysterious and at times slightly depressing, but in a way that provokes thoughts and encourages you to connect with the deeper meaning of the songs. There’s something more to this album than the generic ‘Indie Rock’ of the present day. Their sound has also been described as ‘psychedelic rock’ and ‘synth rock’. This album is soft yet beautiful, and tells a curious story. It’s impressive to me how cleverly thought out everything about their new album and themselves in general seems to be, even their name and delta symbol as a logo (which I hope people don’t pass off as ‘wannabe indie’ – I don’t believe it is).
I’ve never been lucky enough to see the band live, I booked tickets at Rock City but had exams the day after so they had to be sold, and the clash with Eminem at Leeds Festival 2013 meant that I went with the masses to the main stage instead. Hopefully this year I will be able to see them when they tour because I definitely can’t wait another 2 years to hear more from them.
As soon as this album appears in Fopp I’ll be there, and I encourage you all to do the same wherever you buy music from. Or at least give them a follow on Soundcloud OR check out their performance of their most lively and rocky track on the album ‘Left Hand Free’ live on Jools Holland. I appreciate this band are perhaps an acquired taste, but if you know you like Indie Rock, or if you are good at tolerating all genres, I definitely would give this album the time of day.

Rose x


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