For me, September is always a hard month. Every year school starts in early September, and summer ends. This is especially strange now I’m older and not a kid anymore. Summers as a child used to be nice but quite unexciting, bike rides, picnics, family beach holiday somewhere in Cornwall or Devon. But now my summers are so full of all kinds of things, so much so that I wouldn’t even count this last one as a break.

Going into sixth form last year was especially tough. Expectations were huge for us now we weren’t in ‘the lower school’ and for the first few weeks I constantly questioned my decision to go back to school not to college. It takes a few months to settle in and find a routine, which is why September is always a mess.

This September hasn’t been much more positive. I still feel like I’m settling back into school life and I feel confused about what to do with myself sometimes at school. I’m not sure I’ll ever work out how everything works in our common room but I will try my best. I feel like there is a lot of pressure on us now that I haven’t felt before, mainly because of the sheer amount of looming deadlines.

I love October half term however, and it’s coming up very soon, and then we’ll be back and school and it will soon be Christmas, which I love. Last year was the best Christmas holiday I’ve ever had so it’s a hard one to beat, but I’m still excited even though it’s months away.

This post doesn’t have much substance, or meaning, but I wanted to share my feelings on September. Perhaps other people feel the same way as me, or about any other time when a lot of change runs and leaps on you all at once. If so, persevere. September is just one month of many, and
before you have time to even think about it, the next month is here.

Rose x