Dragon Quest 9

Summary: I bought a DS game on eBay and it’s good.

So even though I am 17, and not a huge gamer, I do enjoy Nintendo DS. They were the trendy thing to have at my school instead of a Playstation or an Xbox, so I got the original big ass silver brick along with Nintendogs when it was first released for Christmas. I kind of regret not having something like a Playstation that works on the TV, because Nintendo DS are quite limiting in a way, but I always thought I’d get way too addicted, and can’t forget how expensive consoles and games themselves are.

Getting the silver DS was such a good decision either way. In primary school EVERYBODY had Mario Kart. I bought a DSI when they came out as an upgrade and because they were pretty damn cool, but by that time the trend had moved on.

I loved animals as a kid too, and this meant the majority of my games were about owning a farm/zoo/vets practice and caring for animals which gets unbelievably boring after a while. I discovered my favourite games had more to them and were usually adventure games – slaying dragons and shit. Animal Crossing was damn good, bar a period of time where I was in deep sadness about accidentally deleting my town. Spyro Season of Flame was also 10/10, actually a Gameboy game (apologies). I did buy a Spyro DS game after this but it was too hard so I had to trade it in… For another animal game…

The Mario Kart trend was brought back in year 11 at school because it was so much fun, and we would all connect and play at lunch. Since then I wanted to get back into it and take advantage of having the DSI, but all my games were either completed or super boring. I tried Rayman and that was cool but I got stuck on a part where you have to swing on some hoop things? Went into Game to ask if they could do the level for me and they couldn’t. Obviously not true nerds.

So I heard about a new game called Fantasy Life. It looked right up my street because you run around and do tasks and have an individual life but also have a purpose in the game and all good things, not explained very well but check the trailer if you want to see what I mean. Unfortunately I found out that this game was only available on 3DS, and I wasn’t planning on getting another DS just for one game! I do have A levels and things to be getting on with. Luckily some helpful guy commented on the trailer I watched on YouTube saying ‘so it’s like a cross between Animal Crossing and Dragon Quest 9?’. Dragon Quest 9? Not heard of it but I’ll check it out. So I watched a video of that game instead and it looked pretty cool, and was older so available on my DS not the 3DS. Also because it was older it was cheaper, and I managed to get one for ¬£6.50 on eBay.

It came yesterday and let’s just say no homework has been done. I don’t know if it’s the best game ever, it won’t be as good as Fantasy Life and there are some annoying things about it but I’m having a really good time. Seeing how cheap you can get it for online, I’d definitely recommend it. I regret not getting more adventure games like this as a child and not so many boring animal games.

Bit of an anti-climax there. Probably was expecting me to say ‘it’s the best game ever!!!!!’ weren’t you. Well to be honest I do think it is one of the best games I’ve had and if I’m enjoying it as much as I am now I’m older then that proves something. I just don’t want to sound to any huge gamers who might be like ‘how the hell did you not know about Dragon Quest man it’s not even good blahblah game is so much better’ you know? Anyway message is – if you have a DS and want to play a good game get this one.

As a quick side note, after 2 days of heavy Dragon Quest 9 playing, still no sign of any dragons. Hmm.

Rose x

P.S. Worst game I’ve owned = Imagine Girlband. Just as a heads up.



One thought on “Dragon Quest 9

  1. Prof.mcstevie says:

    I don’t think I need any warning than the name to stay away from “Imagine Girlband”, pretty sure such a title is synonymous with POISON.


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