Milkshake Cafe

Over last summer me and a friend Izzy stayed for a few days in a London flat near Camden. She had stayed in the flat loads before in that summer and told me about this milkshake place called The Diner that apparently did the best milkshakes ever, so when we went out into Camden market on the first day we went to this place. It was SO hard to find because Izzy only remembered it was on a street corner (?) there are lots of those so not the most specific detail. Anyway we finally found it and went up to the roof terrace and ordered this milkshake. Izzy said that even though it seemed expensive, it’s worth it because they ‘give you the excess’ which at the time I had no idea what that meant. After having the milkshake it turns out it meant they give you extra in another cup on the side, amazing. She was right, these milkshakes were the most amazing things I’ve ever tasted. They were thick and had chocolate chips and tasted like the nicest chocolate ice cream you’d ever tasted. Since then I’ve been craving a milkshake but I haven’t bothered with anything more than Nesquick because I don’t believe any milkshake will top that one.

I don’t think there’s anywhere where I live (Nottingham) that does a milkshake quite that the place in Camden, I’ve even googled it. We have a ‘shakeaway’ and ‘cookie shake’ which are places where you can combine flavours and get your favourite milkshake made but they’re so sickly and they’re mainly takeaway places, no roof terraces unfortunately. So I had the brilliant business idea of setting up a milkshake cafe, a trendy cafe, famous for its delicious milkshakes. All I need to do is steal the recipe from The Diner and get a huge loan from the bank which I’ll probably never pay back and end up in debt and why would I need a business anyway when I’m going to uni this year and this is where the idea ended because it’s just not feasible.

BUT if you’re reading this and have money and time and live in Nottingham (all likely things I’m sure!!!!1) I beg you to take this business plan with great potential and carry it out so that I can have the worlds best milkshake every day and bask in chocolatey goodness forever.

Okay that plea will probably have around 0.00000001% success rate but it’s worth asking still. I’m going back to London on the 28th of February to see Billy Elliot and stay in the flat again with Izzy, and I will not be missing that milkshake for much longer.



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