I don’t seem to share this enjoyment with my friends so maybe I love said activity a little too much, but I really love to wash my face.  Maybe its my skin type (if I had dry skin I probably may enjoy a face wash less), but there’s just nothing quite like getting home from a long day of doing random things and getting rid of that clammy gross feeling with a good face wash.

For some, the job may be done with a simple splash of water from hands to face, but for me this doesn’t really feel sufficient.  For one, the water should be warm.  Some may argue that this makes the activity much less refreshing or awakening in the morning, but I disagree.  The other condition which I always abide by which many others would not, is the use of a flannel.

In my opinion, flannels are one of life’s underrated pleasures.  A soft thick flannel soaked in warm water does a top notch job of getting rid of any dirt or dirty feeling on the face and also just feels really relaxing and nice – like an extremely budget spa.

I have some friends who got a ‘Clarisonic’ for Christmas which is apparently some deep cleanse thing that washes your face and gets deep in pores and costs a bomb and is basically a very expensive electric flannel.  Don’t bother.  Get a flannel.

I bought a new flannel from John Lewis in the Christmas sales – £4 down to £2.50 – and it is so nice.  One of the flaws of flannels is that they can get a bit scratchy and raggedy over time and many washes, so a new one is so nice, especially from the John.  If you’re planning to invest in this great facewashing tool, don’t simply pick up any old cloth from ASDA (no offence ASDA but your flannels aren’t brill).  Get a super soft one from some place nice, its worth the extra few £ trust me.

I’m sure any readers will have gained a lot from their time spent reading about washing your face… (sorry I can’t give you that time back now…).  But come on – what did you really expect from a blog titled ‘Flannel’?