As far as UK cities go, Newcastle is pretty great.

Despite messing up every train I had to get yesterday, and being fined £49 in the process, my day out to Newcastle was very much enjoyable. Having visited a couple of times before, I knew vaguely what to expect, including extremely cold weather. However I find that every time I visit the Quayside, I feel pleasantly perplexed.

This probably sounds ridiculous to residents or regular visitors, but even from the greeting you receive from the train station, you cannot deny Newcastle’s charm.

Now I am no photographer, but I made some effort to capture some of the sights I enjoyed the most while walking the Quayside, and because I enjoyed my experience there, even just being a day, I felt it necessary to document in some shape or form.


Apparently Baltic is a center for contemporary art. The buildings old use was an industrial flour mill and it was converted and opened in 2002. Unfortunately we didn’t have time to go but in the future that would be something I’d quite like to do.


The lights were nice.


Crossing the river means you are no longer in Newcastle, you’re in Gateshead. The blobby building with the lights is called the Gateshead Sage. They have music events and things there.


This boat looks kind of like a boat you’d find on the sea. That’s because it probably is. Newcastle is really near the coast. I think that’s why the river is so wide.


The roads leading up from the river are really hilly which means that you get quite out of breath if you’re running late for a meal you’ve booked. Just a warning.


This is the Gateshead Millennium Bridge. It opens sometimes. My mum didn’t believe me when I told her that so one day I’m going to go back when it is open and take a picture. Or I could just google it. Only time will tell.


The River Tyne by night.


The millennium bridge has colour changing lights. Who doesn’t love that.

I believe I have most likely brought you no new knowledge of this British city through reading this post, but if there was a chance you have never been to Newcastle before, or knew anything about it, I’m happy to impart my extensive wisdom to you. (Joking).

I would recommend Newcastle, just walking around is worth the visit.


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