The Revenant Immedate Responses

I’m not going to write a review because it would never compare to the hundreds of others which actually have insightful things to say. But I wanted to contribute something after seeing this film. Because Leo might actually win an Oscar this time.

I often find the best film commentary occurs in the first words, or even just the looks, straight after the credits roll. Or the most honest, or funny. These are some valuable comments my group of attendees made. I believe they are opinions worth sharing.

“They weren’t wrong when they said Leonardo De Caprio gets mauled by a bear, and not much else happens.”

“Do you ever just, get naked and sleep inside a horse.”

“The way he put his clothes on after that and touched him, it was exactly like a one night stand. He should have said thank you. Or I’ll call you. And you could have called it a comedy.”

“There should be a Revenant 2. I want to know more about the baby bears. What’s their story. What famous actors could they maul.”

“None of these characters care about getting their feet wet. Like at all. They just walk straight through.”

“It’s cold. But no one really talks about that.”

“My favourite scene was when they got really giggly eating snowflakes with their tongues. It’s the little things in life.”

“I wish I could get my fingers chopped off and just go about my day. They really didn’t seem fussed about that.”

“No one really knows why the bear really did maul Leo. It didn’t seem like much was achieved since he didn’t didn’t get eaten.”

“It’s definitely not a film for a pissed dyslexic.”

I’d say all in all those are the most important aspects of the film, summarised in the best way – spontaneous commentary just saying what’s on your mind.


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