Wolf Alice

The first EP from Wolf Alice, called Creature Songs contains only 4 songs yet displays a wide variety of sound compared to other bands of a similar genre, alternative rock. They are yet to release their first official album but this does not detract from their sound being well established. EPs are a quick way to release songs to listeners while remaining current and relevant and for Wolf Alice is just the right sample size to showcase their sound and variety to new listeners.

Wolf Alice were one of the first acts announced for Reading and Leeds 2015 and being a now almost (having been twice consecutively) frequent attendee I couldn’t not investigate their sound. I have to say by listening to just one song, I was much more enticed than their fellow contemporary Years And Years on the line up.

The first song I listened to was ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’. I was surprised with the rocky edge it had to it as I was expecting more of an indie sound. This new wave of alternative rock bands is a phenomenon where rock which previously would only be appreciated by rock music types has been brought into the mainstream by becoming much more easily accessible. UK bands such as Royal Blood carry a rock sound and can be listened to by wide audiences as they are not as heavy or targeted at rock listeners as others, which means audiences can have an appreciating and insight into rock without being a huge fan of the genre. With an already clever song title this tune was ticking all the boxes and it went straight to my ‘available offline’ downloads in Spotify premium. Not quite an iTunes download but I’m sure they’ll get there soon.

The other songs on the EP are ‘Storms’, ‘Heavenly Creatures’ and ‘We’re Not The Same’. I choose to write about this EP not the bands music as a whole because I think this is a good place for new listeners to start with the band as it gives a good overview of the bands sound and vibe. ‘Storms’ and ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ are rock songs while ‘Heavenly Creatures’ is softer and more of a gentle alternative indie sound.

On the 24th of March I got to see Wolf Alice at Rescue Rooms. Their energy on stage was impressive and the crowd and atmosphere of the gig was lively as opposed to mellow which I imagined it could be during their slower songs which made the night extremely enjoyable. If I had more money I would have bought Creature Songs from the merch stand but unfortunately I spent it all on Red Stripe. To be honest, if I had the EP I’d be afraid I would over listen to it and I want to still be loving them come Leeds, so maybe it was good that I wasted that money on beer.

Seriously hoping for a full album soon, and if anyone is reading this check these guys out on Spotify or YouTube, they are definitely worth a listen!